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Why There Are So Many Unhappy Millionaires

We’ve all heard the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” but a surprising number of people seem to think it does.

Most people will have lost count of how many times they’ve thought that winning the lottery would solve all of their problems or how buying the latest sports car would enormously improve their mood for years to come.

However, that isn’t always the case. In fact, a lot of millionaires are actually a lot unhappier than those who earn an average wage and have an average amount of savings.

How can someone with money struggle to find happiness?

Why is it that, despite having seemingly endless amounts of money, a lot of millionaires struggle to find happiness in their everyday lives?

There are a lot of different answers to the question and of course each individual will have their own personal reasons for feeling unhappy despite their wealth, though there are some common examples that are seen often.

Being a millionaire often involves a lot of hard work, whether that be running a hugely successful company, working long hours or investing in businesses.

This hard work is time consuming and therefore many people don’t have the free time to appreciate their wealth or the things it allows them to do.

For example, someone who makes millions each year but struggles to find the time to go on lavish holidays, take up expensive hobbies or travel is likely to become disgruntled.

Simply, an unhappy millionaire is one that doesn’t get to enjoy the fact that they are a millionaire.

Another common reason for unhappiness among millionaires is related to the way they are viewed by others.

It can be argued that making new friends and forming relationships when you have a lot of money can be more difficult than those who have less.

Of course, there are likely to be a lot of people wanting to spend time with a millionaire but how do they know if that’s because they are interested in them or their money?

Being wealthy is bound to bring with it the question of whether a relationship is based upon money or a genuine connection.

Most people would assume that being a millionaire is a relatively stress-free existence, after all without money worries what is there to stress about?

However, many millionaires actually find themselves to be a lot more stressed out on a day to day basis than the average person.

This is due to them having more assets to take care of and bigger finances to keep track of.

To someone who isn’t a millionaire it may be difficult to understand the discontent that can come with having a lot of money but as the above examples show, being an unhappy millionaire is far from uncommon.