What Is Dying Matters Awareness Week 2018?

Every year in May, Dying Matters Awareness Week runs from 14th-20th giving a unique opportunity to make an often sad and uncomfortable subject an open forum for people of all ages to join and input to.

The aim is to provide a more open and free flowing approach to something many may know little to nothing about dealing with.

Public and private sector organisations like the National Health Service, charities, and bereavement services get involved to encourage the development of an increasingly more talked about taboo area of the realities of death and dying.

In 2017 through the group www.dyingmatters.org more than 600 events were held around the United Kingdom to garner more attention to the benefits of discussing death, the stigma of dealing with grief, how to access resources to help with death or bereavement and bring together people looking for more support in their communities.

Year on year the awareness week has seen more and more people want to find out more about they can help.

Building in strength and popularity, Dying Matters Awareness Week 2018 is set to be the most successful and well supported yet.

The website has a whole host of ideas, advice and tips to holding your own event – whether you are working for an organisation or simply want to run an event to reach out to your family, friends or local community.

The week long event will also see Dying Matters reaching out to the general public to address their perception of how they would want the end of their lives to be dealt with along with their loved ones.

The charity suggest that five steps are key to making the subject more approachable for all from writing a will, planning your funeral wishes, letting your loved ones know your preferences for end of life care.

Another important consideration is the option of organ donation.

The choice to gift your internal organs to someone who may be in need of them is vital to share with your family before death as legal implications have to be addressed if you haven’t made that clear.

The discussion of death can seem daunting, everyone deals with the inevitability differently, but it’s widely recognised now that an open and honest approach can help the grieving process and prepare you and your family for the subsequent difficulties in losing someone close.

For more information on the above go to www.dyingmatters.org/awareness.

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