5 Health Apps To Look Out For In 2018

Despite the conflict of how much screen time we subject ourselves to compared to how much fresh air and exercise the average person gets, there are lots of apps out there to help your mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are five apps that are already proving popular in the health, fitness and wellbeing sector in 2018.

Meditation Studio

This app focuses on the art of meditation for relaxation and mindfulness.

The app offers a selection of meditation tutors, each a specialist in their own style of meditating.

Starting slowly and building up, the app has curated its offerings to match the user’s goals and any particular reasons that have brought them to the Meditation Studio.


Keelo is the ultimate in workout apps for those who enjoy High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

The cardio-based fat burning workout is effective but it’s tough going and although the app has programmes from seven minutes up to 20 minutes, they are all demanding.

Keelo has a host of sessions for you to access and is perfect for anyone wanting to get started with a HIIT schedule in time for summer.


Started by a stressed advertising executive and a former Buddhist monk, Headspace was formed after Andy Puddicombe returned from his monastic journey and met Rich Pierson.

Swapping advice and drawing from each of their experiences led the two to create this meditation app.

Launched in 2010, headspace has an abundance of guided meditations, motivational content, related articles and helpful videos.

My Fitness Pal

This app is great for fast and easy calorie counting and exercise plans at the push of a few buttons.

Log in each day to track what you’ve consumed and learn how to boost your weight loss with sensible workouts.

With over 5 million foods in the database there’s no chance of hidden calories ruining all your hard work and if you need any extra support or have questions then the community forums are always there for advice.

Fitstar Yoga

Fitstar draws on the expertise of yoga expert, Tara Stiles and absolutely anyone can get involved with these personalised sessions from beginner to experienced yogi.

The app continues to monitor your progress so that it can adapt your sessions as you improve your capabilities, push yourself to have higher goals and give your feedback as more poses unlock throughout your journey.

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