5 Psychological Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has become incredibly popular in recent years, with more and more people trying to relax and improve their fitness.

The ancient techniques of yoga have been developed over 5,000 years and there are now a variety of different styles that are practiced all over the world.

There are countless benefits to practicing yoga, both physical and psychological.

Here are a few of the ways in which yoga can improve the state of your mental health.

Change your state of mind

The nature of yoga is to focus the body and calm the mind by concentrating on a series of poses and breathing exercises.

The combination of these things has a profound effect on your nervous system by changing it from sympathetic to parasympathetic.

This means that you go from fight-or-flight mode to rest-and-relaxation mode.

Improve brain power

It’s been shown that taking part in yoga can have a positive effect on your memory and general brain power.

The concentration that yoga requires helps your brain to empty itself of unnecessary thoughts and get used to the act of concentrating on a specific set of tasks.

Doing small yoga-style exercises such as neck rolls at work can also help reduce stress and increase concentration.

Help fight depression

Many people suffering from depression have seen an increase in their mental health by regularly doing yoga.

Studies have shown that after just 20 sessions people with severe depression noticed their mood improve and their anger reduce.

If you’re suffering from depression or you know someone who is, then yoga is definitely worth considering.

It’s easy to start, you can get free lessons online and it’s a lot safer than prescription drugs and other similar solutions.

Be more self-reflective

The teachings of yoga focus greatly on the idea of self-reflection and identifying qualities and characteristics in ourselves that we may be unaware of.

This will help you look inside yourself and identify things that you may want to improve on.

It will also make dealing with your personal issues a lot easier because you’ll be much better at identifying how you feel and then working out why you feel that way.

Improve relationships

Yoga is aimed at helping you become more peaceful within yourself and helping you deal with situations in a relaxed way.

The teachings of yoga help to keep you calm in stressful and confrontational situations.

Opening your mind and becoming more peaceful will help you resolve issues with your partner, family or friends much more easily and with a lot less stress.

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