The Importance Of A Good Night’s Sleep

With full-time jobs, screaming children and jam-packed schedules to contend with, sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is the last thing on your list of priorities.

Once you finish work and return home you’ve still got meals to cook, clothes to wash and other errands to run, not to mention handling your children’s sleeping routine, and before you know it it’s gone midnight and you still haven’t got into bed.

You may think that losing a few hours of shuteye here and there won’t do you much harm, but a good night’s sleep is much more important that you may think.

Read on to find out why you should really be making more of an effort to get your full eight hours.

It might help you get a promotion of work

Dreaming of a bigger office and a bump in your pay packet?

Well, sleeping more might just help you get there.

Sleeping is important for a number of different brain functions including cognition, concentration and performance.

When your sleep is disrupted or too short, you’ll be slower at carrying out tasks and will find it harder to solve problems.

Getting enough rest in the evenings will ensure you are always on top form and will increase your chances of getting in your boss’s good books.

It can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals

If you are working on hitting a new target in the gym or losing a few extra pounds on your diet, having adequate sleep can play a big part in this.

When you are tired, your body overcompensates for this feeling by consuming more calories, so you may find yourself reaching for that chocolate bar and avoiding the fruit bowl during your morning break if you got limited sleep the night before.

Studies have also shown that athletes who get the optimum amount of sleep will perform better.

Your health will benefit

Forget about those new vitamins you’re planning on buying, sleep is the only medicine you need when it comes to improving your health.

Sleep deprivation can contribute to a number of serious illnesses including stroke and heart disease.

Studies have also shown that improved sleep can help to boost your immune system, meaning you’re less likely to contract nasty bugs and colds.

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