Improve Wellbeing To Boost Performance

If you feel bad physically, you’re going to feel bad mentally.

Physical health has a remarkable effect on mental health, and mental health does the same to physical health.

Have you ever thought that you’d be doomed to have this cold forever, and it took ages to shift?

Or did you brightly reckon that you’d be over the worst of the cold by tomorrow, and then—surprise surprise—you were?

Boost your performance by looking after yourself.

Think about your body and mind like a Premiership footballer.

Is he going to be playing the best game of his life if he’s thinking about the nasty story in the papers about him, the rude chant the crowd have made up as he dribbles the ball, or how his ex-wife has told him she’s going to take the house away from him?


But if he’s focussed on the trophy that he just needs to score one more goal to win, or of how supportive his teammates are, or that people seem to love him for being a great striker, he’s going to do better.

Think about your mental health as being as vital as physical health.

Imagine you’re that footballer again, but this time you’ve got a bad knee.

You’re not going to play as well as you usually would.

And that’s the same for your mental health.

So you have to treat yourself carefully, like the doctor working on the footballer’s knee or the person he speaks to about his problems telling him to try meditation for ten minutes every day.

Look after yourself, and take time for things you enjoy.

Here’s the secret; while you’re doing those things, you’re not really resting.

You’re actually just charging yourself for the next important thing you have to do.

It might be a big presentation at work, or it might be a meeting where it’s important you make a good impression.

And if you take time to take care of yourself and relax, you’re going to do so much better than if you’re brittle from lack of sleep, worried because you were going over the figures in your head and now you can’t remember which is which, or concerned that you’re going to forget someone’s name.

Wellbeing is the key to productivity.

Treat yourself well—better sleep, better food, better relaxing—and you’re bound to see the efforts pay off.

Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a leading international tax adviser who specialises in dealing with ultra high net worth individuals.

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