Why Yoga Is So Good For Your Health

The health benefits of yoga are well-documented, but what is it about this dynamic exercise which elevates it above so many other health-boosting regimes?

Perfects Your Posture

Poor posture is often the result of our everyday routines; slouching over a laptop, slumping onto a sofa, even sleeping in positions which contort the spine and fail to support the neck.

Yoga helps unravel any underlying tension which contributes to your need to slouch.

Correcting poor posture through core exercises can seriously strengthen your spine, meaning fewer achy joints and a more upstanding presence immediately, and less chance of back problems, arthritis and curvature of the spine further down the line.

Promotes ‘Me-Time’

As a slow, deliberate routine, yoga forces you to step off the treadmill and take conscious, deliberate time away for yourself, boosting serotonin levels and other happiness enhancing mood boosters.

Provides Greater Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits of yoga is its ability to increase your flexibility.

Yoga is a tremendously accessible and inclusive pursuit, as there is no need to begin with poses which are outside the realm of your current capabilities.

Drops Your Blood Pressure

Sufferers of high blood pressure would gain significant benefits from taking part in regular yoga sessions.

The positive effects of yoga upon reducing blood pressure have been suggested by recent studies, alongside the great benefit it brings to overall circulation.

Check for some blood-pressure-friendly poses here.

Boosts Immunity

The relaxation techniques promoted through a yoga routine can help to boost your immunity by promoting a greater overall sense of wellness, helping to beneficially impact the immune system.

Improves Your Breathing

Yogic practitioners learn all manner of different breathing techniques for everything from relaxation to helping with lung function.

By breathing deeply and deliberately as is promoted within yoga, you bring more oxygen into your blood, giving you greater energy and preparing you for even more healthy pursuits!

Starts a Healthy Journey

Yoga is often the first step on the path towards a healthier, happier life – and an indicator of other healthy activities which help improve your life, such as diet and exercise alterations.

Calms The Mind

Yoga forces you to connect with the here and now, allowing you to unburden yourself from many of the major causes of stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

By focusing on being truly present, practitioners are enabled to regain a sense of calm and wellness.

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