How Meditation Can Help With Weight Loss

It has long been known that mediation is good for the body and mind.

There are reported benefits that include lowered blood pressure and a sense of inner calm.

But did you know that meditation can also be used as a tool for losing weight?

Thanks to the awesome power of this mind-clearing practice you can actually use your meditation sessions to boost your diet efforts.

So just how can meditation help with weight loss?

A single focus

Mediation is all about the ability to focus.

It is a form of mindfulness although there is some distinction between the two.

However the common ground between them is that you are encouraged to be present in the moment, with no focus on the past or present.

By embracing this skill as part of your meditation practice, you will be learning a new diet trick that really works.

When we diet we put pressure on ourselves.

We judge our progress on past endeavours or focus on a party coming up in a few weeks and start to panic and sabotage our efforts.

If on the other hand we can come to see food as a present thing, we focus only on what happens at each meal.

We can focus on these singular events, pick good food, stop eating when we are full, and generally slow the eating process down.

We do not compare the previous bad meal, but simply live in the moment.

We make more conscious choices as to the food we choose to eat.

Mindfully being aware of how and when we eat and what we actually consume.

This has been shown to lead to a higher number of good days and considerably fewer days where we eat badly or overindulge.

A purpose

Another great benefit of meditation generally is the sense of purpose we can find.

Rather than rush from task to task cramming in as much as we can to our day, we slow down.

Setting aside the time to meditate helps us create purpose in the events that follow and we stop fretting about the things that really do not matter.

Things that may once have seemed significant and colossal stop being problems.

This purpose and positive state of mind can help us to approach dieting with a calm undertone that is less panic-stricken than our previous hectic selves.

Now we have the power to calmly assess the situation and understand the driving factor to overeat.

For some people that is stress, for others it is anger, any emotion good or bad can send us reaching for food.

We are comforting or celebrating with ourselves.

Being more purposeful means we are better placed to see that we do not need the food we have previously used and instead can calmly find another outlet to support our negative state of mind or indeed to celebrate with us when things go right.

Meditation also lowers the cortisol levels in the brain which make us stressed.

Feeling calmer instantly makes dieting seem easier.

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