10 Mental Health Blogs To Check Out

There are many useful mental health resources available online including forums, social media profiles, blogs, and support lines.

Mental health blogs are a particularly useful resource because they often share the experiences of real people who have successfully managed mental illness.

Mental health blogs are funny, insightful, informative, and useful.

They can provide you with the encouragement you need to successfully manage your mental illness or to help others suffering from a mental illness.

Mental health blogs can also help you:

  •   Learn more about different types of mental health illnesses
  •   Meet other people who are dealing with the same challenges you face
  •   Learn about new therapies and treatment protocols
  •   Learn pragmatic “real-world” tips for managing mental illness
  •   Obtain free mental health resources

Mental health blogs worth reading

Mind Blogs

Mind is the largest mental health charity in the United Kingdom.

They provide many types of services for people with mental illness including a helpline, informative website, and local support services.

They also have a blog section on their website, which is filled with useful posts on everything from improving sleep patterns to reducing anxiety through exercise.

You can even apply to write your own blog for the Mind website.

Visit Mind Blogs.

The Mental Elf

Founded by André Tomlin in 2011, The Mental Elf blog was established to share the experience André gained from working in the mental health sector for many years.

It quickly grew in size and some of his colleagues began to contribute.

This blog is particularly useful if you are interested in learning more about the latest research into mental health.

The topics are quite diverse, ranging from general techniques for maintaining good mental health to guides on the different mental health treatments that are available.

Visit The Mental Elf.

We’re All Mad Here

This is a very popular blog from award-winning author Claire Eastham.

Written in a humorous tone, this blog shares the best available information on mental health — helping readers obtain the support they need.

Visit All Mad Here.

Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness is a charity that aims to raise awareness of mental health and fight for the rights of the mentally ill.

They provide some excellent resources on their website, including a collection of personal experiences and informative news articles in News and Views section.

Visit the Rethink Mental Illness website.

Life in a Breakdown

When Sarah Bailey began writing Life in a Breakdown, her goal was to stop focusing on the negative impact that her mental illness was having and instead focus on everything good in her life.

The blog shares many illuminating, funny, and honest conversations about mental illness.

It is often inspiring and always very interesting.

Visit the Life in a Breakdown blog.

Mental Health Foundation Blog

This is the official blog of the Mental Health Foundation, one of the UK’s leading mental health charities.

It contains many valuable posts from a wide spectrum of contributors who mostly work in the mental health sector.

It shares information about everything from self-care to the important link between lifestyle and mental health.

Visit the Mental Health Foundation Blog.

The Looneychick Blog

This wonderful blog was created by Vicky Williams, a young woman who is dealing with bipolar disorder.

Her writing style is funny, inspiring, and very honest.

Vicky writes about everything from the difficulties of finding friends when you have a mental illness to simple lifestyle changes that can improve your mental health.

Read the Looneychick blog.

Be Ur Own Light

This blog was founded by Eleanor Segall in 2016 to raise awareness of bipolar disorder.

Elanor uses her blog to dispel myths surrounding mental health and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

She shares many positive stories on the blog which show how it is possible to live a happy and healthy life while managing a mental illness.

Read Be Ur Own Light.

Mummy It’s Ok

Mummy It’s Ok was created by a young mother named Julie, who suffered postpartum depression shortly after giving birth to her first child.

The blog shares many useful tips for mothers who are dealing with this condition.

This includes ways to incorporate self-care into a busy daily routine and general information about postpartum depression.

Read Mummy It’s Ok.

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