Why We Need To Be More Open About Our Mental Health

Up until recently, mental health was something that people kept extremely quiet about; individuals hid their problems and many people didn’t seek help out of embarrassment.

However, in recent years there has been a huge step forward in the way society views mental health and this is largely due to the way in which we approach the subject.

By opening up about our personal mental health plights and the problems we face, the awareness of mental health has been improved.

However, this needs to continue.

In order to fully embrace and understand mental health, we need to be more open.

The benefits of talking about mental health

It encourages honest conversations

Opening up about our mental health encourages honest conversations, amongst those with a mental health problem and those without.

These honest conversations can lead to a greater understanding of what an individual is going through and a gained confidence in talking about it.

It can be difficult to talk about mental health but with honest conversations more people are likely to open up.

It raises awareness

As mental health is difficult to understand and define, it suffers with a lack of awareness.

Many people assume that a mental health problem fits into a specific box and others are only aware of the very few well known mental health conditions.

However, opening up can raise awareness for many different conditions; this leads to a greater understanding.

It helps people to understand

Suffering with mental health is not always obvious and some may struggle to comprehend what’s going on, but opening up can help people to understand.

As well as understanding the problem itself, opening up about mental health can help others to recognise signs and triggers.

It reduces social stigmas

Oftentimes, mental health is perceived as being a negative problem or something to hide, but this isn’t the case.

The more mental health is spoken about the more normal it becomes, and this reduces social stigmas.

After all, a large percentage of people suffer with mental health in one form or another and it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

When it comes to mental health, it’s important that we are more open about the problems we face and the help that’s available.

Not only does this show that mental health affects a lot of people, but it also highlights that mental health can come in many different shapes and forms.

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